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About Us

Mark2 Construction General Contractor - Specialist in excellence with a focus on service

If you're looking for a general contractor specialist to completely change the look of your home or refine the one you have? Mark Varnum is the home remodel contractor to call.

Owner of Mark2 Construction, Inc., general contractor based in Camarillo, Mark has been involved in the home construction industry for more than 30 years and has built his home remodel and construction business on the South/Central Coast with a wide base of referrals. While he is best known for his beautiful kitchens that even he admits are his specialty, his long list of completed projects includes room additions of every kind as well as custom homes.

Custom Home Builder - How to Hire

"I tell everyone who asks for advice to be sure and get a list of home remodel referrals -- not just those that are finished, but especially referrals for jobs in progress. These are the people to interview," Mark explains. "They will tell you about the home improvement contractors they searched, how well the job is going and what to expect, the problems, the impact of living without a kitchen for a few weeks, and the anticipation of the new room. It's also wise to look at the completed kitchens or room additions, so you have an idea about the finished product and just what to expect."

Mark speaks from experience and isn't afraid to invite perspective clients to see his jobs in progress and to call homeowners who have hired him to build room additions and kitchens for them. "Home remodel isn't something people do often, so they don't really have a base of experience from which to draw. Home construction and remodel usually is something people do only once in a lifetime," he continues. "I enjoy taking the older home and transforming it into showpiece for the family to enjoy and to relax in. It's a real pleasure to see an addition to a home or a new kitchen, change the whole flow and atmosphere of the home. The new room becomes the central focus of the home, the center of activity, and it feels good to know you as a custom home builder have helped people to become more comfortable in a familiar setting without the trauma moving brings."

While some people say home remodel may be more traumatic than moving, Mark's customers disagree. "Everything they like about their home remains the same and the new kitchen or bedroom or family/recreation center, adds a dimension that they've always wanted and finally gave in to," Mark states. He admits that home construction can be frustrating to a family environment.

However, he is determined to make it easier for the families with whom he works. "There are problems that arise and decisions to be made," he says. "If there weren't you wouldn't need me. With my experience and leadership, our home improvement contractor team smoothes out the possibility of bumps. Our attitude is such that we want to see you again and again. It's a small county. With good work, honesty and integrity, the word gets around."

Doing his job well is what Mark does best. A native of California, Mark grew up in the home construction business, working for his father, who was a custom home builder in Beverly Hills and the San Fernando Valley. "Dad built custom homes in the Beverly Hills area. My brother, Todd, and I cut our teeth digging ditches and nailing roofs and floors. There were no nail guns in those days." I started my own flooring company doing carpet installation and laying hardwood and tile floors. Then I joined forces with my brother Todd and we started our own framing crew. I started taking on addition work but Todd wasn't into that so we went our separate ways. The additions part of my business expanded until I also began a custom home builder. The more additions I did, the more I decided that general contractor and home remodel was my most satisfying work. To this day, I really enjoy getting up in the mornings and heading out to the home construction projects -- even on Mondays. While I'm usually working on a custom home for someone, my most consistent referrals are from home remodel projects and happy clients, even with the work in progress."

Mark credits much of his success to his subcontractors, also "specialists" in their field. "I don't hire them to do the job if they don't come with referrals. I know who's who in the trades. I have years of experience on every facet of home construction as well, so I can tell if a sub has reached the standard I set for my projects."

Mark's expectation of his "subs" include high-end cabinetry and quality plumbing fixtures, as well as appliances and stone and tile work. He and his crew do their own finish work, concrete, framing, and finish carpentry. "My main focus as a general contractor is that no matter what, throughout the entire project, the customer should get what they want and have a good experience during the job," he insists. "And customers shouldn't have to sacrifice quality nor craftsmanship. That's on the top of the list of important things people want. Most of them know quality when they see it." It's this attitude that keeps his project roster full and his referral list growing.

In fact, because of the consistent referrals, much of his work now begins at the conception stage. He is often consulted every step of the way even before construction begins. He works with cabinet shops, architects and subcontractor-specialists, helping to design and then build some of the most comfortable, yet elegant, kitchens on the South/Central Coast. The design usually begins with a few selections by the client, followed by a computer-generated kitchen or addition that is refined as the client makes the final decisions on specifics, such as cabinetry and shelving. Mark then begins construction, careful to consult the client throughout the project.

"My input from the beginning has helped homeowners save thousands of dollars because my experience in the general contractor field has shown me what works and the most efficient way to do the home construction job and still have the look the client wants," he explains. Since the recent awareness of environmental issues, such as earthquakes, floods and wind, the codes have changed tremendously. Because of this, many home construction jobs are now using steel, larger footings and special hardware, and Mark has become a specialist in this arena as well.

"I used to be able to design and engineer the smaller projects myself. Now you need a qualified architect, engineer and home improvement contractors all working together as a team in your behalf. This is how people can get the most for their money. Also, people want their homes to last, so we work with the very best materials available to build the most durable home remodel and construction product possible."


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