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Mark2 Construction home remodeling contractor provides a full range of construction services including residential construction, room additions, bathroom and small kitchen remodel.

No matter what kind of construction services you need, our highly qualified and experienced staff will offer you a tailor-made solution that satisfies your goals.

With Mark2 Construction home remodeling contractors you not only get a general contractor but a team of specialists that assist you from the start to finish, including helping you decide what kind of construction services is the best fit for your needs according to your lifestyle and home.

Some of the most challenging things about construction services are the misconceptions people have, especially about room additions plans and small kitchen remodel. Here you have some important points you should consider when thinking about room additions and small kitchen remodel.

 Room additions

Misconception: It’s only one room, so it should be really easy and fast to build.

Room additions may be a great solution for space problems. However, it’s important to understand that building a room addition may be pretty similar to building a small house. Room additions involve foundation, footers, plumbing, electrical systems and other things just like any small residential construction. Mark2 Construction’s team knows that residential constructions and room additions may be very frustrating to a family environment and will ensure that the discomfort will be kept to a minimum.

Small kitchen remodel

Misconception: A small kitchen cannot be functional

Having a small kitchen doesn't mean you spend less time there. So, just like any kitchen, your small kitchen remodel project should be focused on making it both functional and comfortable. No matter the size, style or layout of your kitchen, Mark2 Construction home remodeling contractors specialize in maximizing all the possible aspects of small kitchens.

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